After Christmas round up

After Christmas round up

So how did everyone’s holiday go? Here’s a list of prep items I was gifted and bought over the past couple weeks(counting my birthday)…

A new AR lower -bought

Spiderco Tenacious 

OKC kukri

Shortwave radio receiver -bought

CB setup

USB rechargeable LED lamp

Set of flip up rifle sights -bought

Heavy duty hoodie that’s windproof

How about you? My family knows I’m into prepping and they cater their gifts in that direction.

With that said, I gifted a couple gun cases, a 10/22, and sent my wife to see her sister in Texas. I spent a lot of time with my family and even more time catching up on sleep. Went hunting and didn’t see a thing, though, I did have a deer alert on me when the wind shifted… 

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