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Decided to make a new category and posting series on the books I read. Many of you know that I am an avid reader and love dystopian and sci-fi fiction. I have anything having to do with preparedness and survival so as I read a new book, I’ll post it up here.

Most folks who were readers in the 90’s will remember the “Left Behind” series. It was a New York Times bestseller and spurred a whole chain of movies and a remake. Well, I just finished reading the first book in the series this past week. With my new interest in church-going, I naturally picked a Christian based book. It opens with the rapture occurring and the events following. It has everything from a murder mystery, romance, and drama. In my opinion, it was a great book and joy to read. I plan on picking up the second in the series ASAP. The picture below is also a link to Amazon so that you can read other’s reviews as well.

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  • I’ve read the entire series, bought almost all the books used. Plan on leaving as Instructional guides for any of my friends or family who may unfortunately find themselves “left behind” .

  • I have read them all as well as other books written by the same two authors they also have a series of Left Behind for teenagers that is also a good read.

  • I have this entire series on my shelf if you want to borrow hard copies! I LOVED it… in my previous career, I was an HR manager. Lots of guys in the plant would come talk to me about stuff going on in their lives–really tough stuff. I’m not much of a counselor, so I’d had them this book. I have several copies of several of the editions. I’d lose one for a long while and buy another, then it might find it’s way back to me after several more guys in the plant passed them around.

    Spoiler… if you keep reading this series, it WILL scare ya. I kept a bible nearby and cross-referenced. I just couldn’t BELIEVE all this stuff was really predicted in the bible. Scary stuff… for realz.

  • This is so special. I loved the series. I finally get to see some lists of books that you read. I read the same kind of books you do and put my Kindle to the max everyday, I have to recharge it 2 x’s a day!

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