Can Country Boys Really Survive?

Can Country Boys Really Survive?

I was reading a post on facebook recently and it got me thinking. Can a country boy really survive? I grew up Country, but with a skill set taught by my family that most kids these days just don’t have. By the time I was 13 I could hunt, fish, track, shoot, garden, and a host of many other things all on my own. This posting goes out to all the folks that think they’ll be just fine and everything will work out…

Let’s say that crap hits the fan tomorrow. Do you have a pantry and if so, what have you got in it. The vast majority of folks that I know that lives here in the South do not have a full pantry. Matter of fact, they don’t even have a full refrigerator. So let’s give these folks a week tops. You’ve got enough food in the house that you can feed your family 3 meals a day for 1 week. For a family of 4, that’s a lot of food. Let’s just say 8 eggs, 8 pieces of toast, 4 sausage patties and 4 slices of cheese if everyone gets a breakfast sandwich, then multiply that times 7. That’s 56 eggs, slices of bread, and 28 sausage patties with the same in cheese slices! That’s just breakfast. See what I’m getting at? It’s going to take a whole lot more food than you think. Now think about just how much you’ll need for lunch, snacks, and then dinner for those 7 days. Maybe you skip a meal here and there. It’s still quite a lot of food.

A lot of country boys say they’ll just hunt for their meats. Exploring that thought process, imagine you go out hunting. You are looking for deer, turkey, rabbit, or whatever you find. So is every other person that lives anywhere near you. The woods are going to be crowded all day most likely, and most of the night as folks try “shining” for game animals. It’s not hard to imagine the amount of danger you’ll be placing yourself in as you hunt the overcrowded woods seeking game that has most likely already started going fully nocturnal. When altercations start happening, deer won’t be the only thing shot in the woods.

What about wild greens? Can most country folks find wood sorrel or plantain? What are the medicinal uses of black walnut and willow? These are important things you need to be asking yourself as you think that things will just turn out ok. Knowing wild edibles and those plants that serve a medicinal purpose can truly make a difference between starving vs thriving. We all know that preparedness is about thriving when the crap hits the fan. See my posts about usable plants HERE.

Be sure to read my posting about Mullein and it’s different uses.

Even just the logistics of being a country boy is extreme. You have a truck or SUV, you might even have a tractor to plant a garden. I hope you have fuel storage tanks with stabil and spare parts for your equipment. How about those GMO seeds you have? Are they going to be able to produce seed from their vegetable yields for the next year that will actually grow? If they don’t, will you be able to find more seed when the new planting season comes? Boots wear out as well as clothing. At the very least, a person should still have extra fuel and oil filters, spare jugs or oil, and tire plug/patch kits for leaking tires. Also consider having extra stores of seeds and canning supplies to save your food production.

So let’s just say that you have all of the bases above covered. You’ve got good food stock, you can make or find good fresh water to use, and even hunt, fish, and forage for food. You know the best medicinal plants and have equipment with fuel and spare parts for just in case.

Are you protected? You should have sufficient means to protect your home and family. I would highly suggest at a minimum a long gun such as a rifle or shotgun as well as at least one handgun. The handgun can be on you while you work the garden and hunt as long as local laws permit it. A rifle and shotgun you can not only hunt with but also protect your home. Around the house and in the immediate yard, I would suggest the use of the shotgun with preference on a Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870. Longer distances or those targets requiring greater penetration would need a rifle to properly dispatch any threats that may need it. Of those any modern sporting rifle such as an AR or AK would be great, as well as any other semi-automatic magazine fed center-fire rifles. Standard capacity 20 or 30 round magazines are recommended as well.

Ammunition is also a highly needed item. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 500-1000 rounds per weapon of assorted types should be stored. For shotguns consider slugs, buckshot and bird/game shot. Pistols would need a mix of hollow point and full metal jacket. Rifles would need full metal jacket, hollow point, and soft point depending on the application of the weapon to be used. See my post on a prepper’s first gun HERE.

All of these things add up to a lot of holes that most country minded folks would need just for basics. If you have children, then clothing, learning, and entertainment materials should also be considered. Not even mentioned yet is the medical needs a family might need. Those would include OTC and any prescriptions the family needs, as well as preventative medications. The number of stocks a person might need is truly endless, but with proper planning and resourcefulness, anyone can get their family and themselves prepared for any emergency. See my article on the contents of a good First Aid Kit HERE.

My hope is that this post will make you start thinking outside of the box from what other’s may believe. Take this information and look at your own stores and gear and find and deficiencies you might have. I know that during the writing of this post, I’ve identified a few of the holes I have in my gear.

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