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.22LR: Myths and Truths

.22LR: Myths and Truths

One of the biggest debates going on in the Preparedness community outside of EMP frying cars is about the .22 long rifle. I’ve been a fan of the .22 since I first shot one as a kid, and when I turned 18 my paycheck paid […]

Top Essentials for Overland Vehicles

Overland Vehicles are much like Bug Out Vehicles in that they need to be able to self-sustain and make field expedient recovery. Check out this video and let me know how your BOV is setup!


What did you do to prep this week? A weekly post about the various things I do to help myself and my family/friends become better prepared. This oast week had been busy for me. I’m hunting parts to build out my DPMS upper I have. […]

Guide to Hurricane Preparedness

Guide to Hurricane Preparedness

With the recent impact of Harvey and the ongoing cleanup still underway, the United States is once again in the sights of another storm. This one is Hurricane Irma. Irma is projected to possibly be the strongest hurricane to have ever been measured in the […]

Watch “Wound Packing” with Tac Med Solutions

Evolution of the 10 C’s – Canterbury’s Video Series

This is the 3 part video series done by Dave Canterbury of Wilderness Outfitters and The Pathfinder School. He’s one of the best modern day experts on Survival and Preparedness. Links to his sites and school will be posted below. Please note that these videos […]


Thanks to InnerBark Outdoors for this great tutorial. Here is a link to their Youtube channel…

Can Country Boys Really Survive?

Can Country Boys Really Survive?

I was reading a post on facebook recently and it got me thinking. Can a country boy really survive? I grew up Country, but with a skill set taught by my family that most kids these days just don’t have. By the time I was […]

Thoughts for Thursday…

I share my Thoughts for Thursday every week. Just a quick update on things and the world. Been a crazy week so far here in the Carolinas. We had a massive storm system move through the area this weekend then more storms yesterday. I was […]