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“Primitive technology: A frame hut”

This guy is one of the best at stone age tech. Be sure to turn on your captions to better understand what’s going on.

Watch “Ruger PC9 or PCC9 Take Down 9mm Carbine” 

As I’ve said before… this would be a GREAT prepper gun and better ijn self defense than a 10/22. Easy to pack and easy to use. I’ll be getting one in the future!

Best new prepper gun?!?

Since you can hardly find a Camp 9 any more folks have had to go to the AR platform to have a good 9mm carbine. Well, it seems Ruger has reintroduced it, and with tons of improvement! Decent pricing means anyone should be able to […]

Watch “How to Make Char Cloth”

Lot of folks have been asking about how to make this recently… here’s a decent video showing you how.

After Christmas round up

After Christmas round up

So how did everyone’s holiday go? Here’s a list of prep items I was gifted and bought over the past couple weeks(counting my birthday)… A new AR lower -bought Spiderco Tenacious  OKC kukri Shortwave radio receiver -bought CB setup USB rechargeable LED lamp Set of […]

Watch “Making a Holiday Wreath” 

Facts and thoughts…

Facts and thoughts…

Some truth for folks about me. I’m not worried about North Korea. Not scared of nuclear attacks. Yellowstone? Nope. New Madrid fault either. I was never worried about the protests when they started burning and looting my town. I’ve never been scared of being robbed. […]

Watch “Unbelievable .50 BMG Whitetail Deer Hunt” on YouTube

I have to say that this is truly amazing. You’ll see what I mean when you watch this.  Note… this is graphic, but hunting always is. – Ralph



A weekly post on what I do to better prepare my home and family. This past week was fun but disappointing at the same time. Finally took the AR out to sight in… the rifle itself surprised me with how accurate it is. It shoots […]

The day Antifa was supposed to march…

I’ve thought all along that this was going to be a big prank… sure enough…