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Friction Fire 4 Ways… Fire Roll, Hand Drill, Bow Drill, and Bamboo Fire Saw

This is a how-to on 4 methods of fire making by hand. These are techniques anyone of any age can master. Once you learn, show them to your kids. 

Fight Like a Man: A book by L. L. Akers

L.L. Akers is a fiction writer best known for her series, “Let It Go”. She’s now branched off into new territory with a bonified SHTF series almost taken right out of today’s headlines. Though his book has been several years in the making with other […]

Fallout from Korea – What you can expect

The North Koreans have been on the minds of the US literally for decades. From the first onsets of the Korean War when we were fighting Communism, the remain a credible threat to US interest in the Asian Pacific. Now years after the United States […]