Do not enable free loaders and moochers!

Do not enable free loaders and moochers!

I get told by people a lot that they are coming to my place if shit hits the fan. My reply is usually along the lines of “nope”, “hell naw you ain’t”, and laughing. I don’t really hide being a prepper, but I also don’t advertise it. Loose lips sink ships after all.

If you were to come to me and say, “Hey Ralph, you mind if I come over if something happens?”
I’ll ask, “What are you bringing?”
“Oh you know, the usual…. Guns, ammo, medical supplies, food, and water.”
Well by golly! That door just magically came unbolted and opened on its own!

My point is, being a prepper, you should not enable freeloaders. They’ve had their chance to prep and failed. Outside of your good conscience, what makes them worthy to reap the benefits of your hard work?

Now if they come looking to help out and work that is different. I’m sure anyone could use a bit of free labor. “Wash those dishes”, “skin that game”, and “split some firewood” are good examples even the slightly skilled can do for barter when it comes to shelter and a full belly.

Things to think about.

This may be a more accurate picture 😉

4 thoughts on “Do not enable free loaders and moochers!”

  • Excellent post Ralph.

    Many people boast about turning people away and letting kids starve so they take care of their own. I suspect for most it will not be so easy.

  • You’re picture is good but I was thinking more along the lines of the old couple from, “The Book of Eli.
    Seriously though. I’ve had people watch me canning and dehydrating and building supply caches, make the comment, “I know where I’m going when shtf”. I ‘want’ to reply, “Depends on how hungry we may be”. And, No, I’d never go that far.
    But it would give them something to consider.
    And I agree totally. If there is work to be shared… AND they are willing to do it. Yes, I’m willing to help. But there will be no freeloaders.

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