EDC and what it means

EDC and what it means

EDC stand for Every Day Carry. So what exactly does that mean and what tools make for a good setup. I go over my personal recommendations.

Basically, your Every Day Carry items or EDC for short would be the things you carry with you every single day. That might be a pocketbook full or items, a backpack, or just what you have in your pockets.

Many people typically only have their car keys, wallet and cell phone with them. This limited EDC really prohibits your abilities to not only protect yourself(unless you are a ninja) but also limits your ability to perform tasks. So what do I use for my EDC? Honestly, it depends on the season or what I’ll be doing. Here’s a quick rundown on what I have while on duty at EMS typically…

G2 ink pen
Car keys with a Light My Fire brand ferro rod
Streamlight Stylus Pro Flashlight (review can be seen HERE)
Benchmade Griptilian folding knife
Leatherman Wave multitool
Leatherman Raptor Shears

That is specifically what I carry with me while on duty. With those items, I can make fire, shelter, defend myself, open cans, even fix glasses have that become loose. EDC gives you the capability to do things using minimal resources to solve large issues.

The Leatherman Raptor Shears in my opinion is a must have tool for all First Responders.

When I’m off duty from EMS my carry changes. I remove the Raptor Shears and add a pistol of some kind. Typically it will be my Glock 17 Gen 4, or my S&W Shield 9mm. That gives me a greater self-defense capacity while keeping my items lightweight but highly effective. The Benchmade can be dropped from your kit with the use of the Wave tool but I personally like carrying a dedicated tactical blade for social work and heavier tasks.

Keep in mind that these are my personal choices. My wife, for instance, enjoys the Leatherman Rev and for a knife, the Mini Griptilian by Benchmade with pink handles since these tools fit her smaller hands much better. Whatever you choose, make sure they are high-quality items that are highly effective. You don’t want to risk your life on cheap items that are poor quality.

What do you typically have on you? Anything you would change?

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  • I add a few things to mine , defensively .. How and what you add has a lot to do with what your state laws are and what your work rules are. I add an 8 watt Ham radio dual channel, as well. If my distances are less than 50 miles I add a 3 day bag, over 50 miles I add a Full GHB or BOB including shelter, extra water and sleep system. 3 days food under 50 miles and 7 days food over 50. Over 50 miles is 7 days food (split between now food and freeze dried food., and or MRE’s). Over 50 miles adds additional defensive capability as well a few more clothes. Both include seasonal requirements Hot vs Cold. Both include Rain Gear.
    Just my take

  • I work in a secure facility where weapons are prohibited. The small Kershaw folder I include in my EDC is just at or under the limit. I also carry a 1xAAA flashlight, and another small multitool in a pocket. In a belt pouch, I have my cellphone, a pad and pen, a 10′ tape measure (gets used!), a 5200mAH USB battery pack, charging cable, Bic lighter, USB stick with important files, and a USB LED light that plugs into the battery pack. My keychain has a Leatherman Squirt on it. My wallet has a Fresnel lens and a 12-in-1 multitool card, with which I opened a can recently when the P38 that used to be on my keychain simply snapped. I have a paracord bracelet around one ankle. This may seem like a lot, but the way it’s spread around, no pocket is overstuffed or heavy.

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