Facts and thoughts…

Facts and thoughts…

Some truth for folks about me.

I’m not worried about North Korea. Not scared of nuclear attacks. Yellowstone? Nope. New Madrid fault either. I was never worried about the protests when they started burning and looting my town. I’ve never been scared of being robbed. I laugh at snow storms and hurricanes. I laugh at the thought of being invaded by foreign countries. EMP? Not too concerned with that either.

You want to know why? We have food, ammunition, meds and medical supplies, weapons, precious metals, reliable vehicles, communications, and tools. We have skills that go from simply making a fire to tracking and hunting. You know… Real survival stuff. We also have skills in trades. I have at least 4 reliable skills that I can trade.

I shake my head at a lot of “seasoned” preppers that get all hyped up over the latest headlines or rumors. I feel bad for those newbies who are looking for a direction to head.

Keep in mind, I’m still here to learn, but I’m also here to help too. There’s still A LOT I have left to learn. I write this post from am experienced prepper’s mindset. A calm understanding that things could happen at any time, and we stand ready to face those challenges without fear but determination to make it.

Preparedness isn’t stuff. Preparedness is mindset. The hard look of fight and determination in the face of adversity  whether that be illness, income loss, or disaster.

How about you? 

3 thoughts on “Facts and thoughts…”

  • I’ve always been one to learn as much as I can. Grew up without a deadbeat dad around, so while things were tough then, it built charector, knowledge, resilience and confidence. While working as a corrections officer, I always worked on the side, hunted, fished, camped…I worked on a farm from the age of 13, always raised our own meat in the form of chicken, duck, turkeys, rabbits, a beef cow every year. I also worked on many construction prpjects, and can built a house from the ground up, including all aspects, plumbing, electrical, heating cooling, roofing…yup, I’ve done it all. I’ve operated heavy equipment from farm tractors to backhoes, bulldozers, excavators, and most anything else. I can fix most anything, spent 7 years running my own plumbing and heating company, till a back injury that required several surgeries slowed me down. I’m doing well, not as good as new, but able to do most anything in moderation. I like shooting, always had guns, qualified with .38spl revolvers , shotguns and AR15’s while working 25 years in corrections, was top gun with revolver several years running. Took up prepping after a 1998 ice storm caught us unprepared, no power in mid winter for 10 days. Since then, been slowly…very slowly building a backup plan. After seeing the natural disasters around the worls, I stepped it up, and after the communications failure in Puerto Rico after slammed by hurricanes, I pushed myself to get a ham license, and am actively working at building a good comms go-kit that I can grab and go with full comms for minimum of 6 people. I feel behind the ball in some areas, but feel better about each small add to the prepper stuff. I’m not there yet, but better than most. Keeping the faith, and while not technically scared, I keep a wary eye on things, part of being prepared is knowing what’s going on, what could happen etc. I wish I was part o a group, but most people in my area prepare without consciousness thst they are, it’s a rural thing, but it would be nice to be in a group who knew what the others plans were. I don’t fear death, I only fear that transition from alive to dead. At times I feel like I’d like the reset button to be pushed, but then the rational side of me says, are you crazy! Prepping on, learning every day, and hoping to be a positive influence and helping hand for those just getting started. I don’t think we ever feel like we are there, after all, there is always something else we need. Let’s hear your story ☺

  • Everything is worth consideration, if for other reason than highlight where learning is possible/ necessary, or to expose gaps that can be filled. Much of what I see on-line leads me to believe some people are prepper in name only. I’m not even real sure I like the term prepper as it’s come to mean things that I don’t necessarily advocate in one form or another.
    Many advocate weapons over, other considerations and invest heavily in them, more than needed. Do we WANT to fight ? Or just have an excuse to own cool toys ? Dunno maybe some of both for some folks.

    What’s a weapon ? Any tool turned to other purposes. Our most important weapon is our mind, knowledge and attitudes. Of course .. what you need, and how much is a personal decision. The same with food, medical and skills. If I am wrong, I risk me and mine, and no others. Same as with anyone else.
    Both the risk and reward are ours as individuals, so why worry about others and who is right or wrong (another thing I see quite frequently online). Evaluate what you read and use it if you can, and if not just leave it there, the same as groceries on a shelf. That is part of education.

    Prepare deliberately, work like it depends on you, be flexible, and have the smallest bit of faith.
    Between can and can’t there is a life to lead, to take joy in, to find happiness.

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