Finding the like minded…

Finding the like minded…

Other the years I’ve come to realize I’m lucky in a few aspects of life. Those are tolerance for blood, good shooting skill, and finding folks that are preppers. So outside of those other two topics, how do I find preppers?

Step 1) Stop being shy. I’ve noticed that a lot of people honestly are scared of putting out there that they think something may happen, and they want to be prepared to handle it. Maybe it’s fear of being called paranoid, shunned, or laughed at. Maybe it’s for security reasons. They don’t want to spread it around because they are worried someone might come for their supplies, which is understandable. Here’s the question to ask though… How are you going to find like minded preppers if you don’t put yourself out there first? It’s kinda like dating, and if you are single, you might find that significant other that is into the same hobby you are.

2) Social Media… You’re probably laughing. Once again, it’s like dating but in this case, online. You are in a Facebook Prepper Group reading posts and you come across a person looking for a friend in Oklahoma. You just so happen to live in the bordering state. Shoot em a message and see how far out you are from them. Even if you are 4+ hours away, the other person may know of groups or people that live a lot closer to you. Maybe even your hometown!

3) Craigslist. Now, before you say that the only people that use that are crazies and pervs, remember that you are already the one worried about seeming like a crazy. What would it hurt? I’ve found success in the “Community” section of Craigslist. Post something like “Looking for other preppers” or “Are you ready for the end of the world?” Trust me, as stupid as it sounds, they’ll come. And if they don’t, you’ve wasted less time typing that than reading this. HAHA

4) Those family no one talks to. Now keep in mind I’m not talking about the moochers or that weird uncle that hugs too long. Your family might be city folks, and Cousin Ed lives out in the boonies. There’s a hood chance that Cousin Ed is into hunting and fishing. Maybe even camping and hiking but no one else in that family was. Talk to him long enough and you might find that he has a go-bag and a 4×4…

5) When you are out and about and run across a fellow patriot in the gun shop or at the grocery store. Maybe he’s getting out of a Jeep and has a Magpul sticker on the back door… YES, I’m talking to YOU… My point is, inquire about the make of that tactical bag. Maybe mention how you like the Gadsden shirt they have on.

6) You would be amazed at how many law enforcement, fire, and medical folks are into being a prepared. We see the worst of the worst in our jobs, and really hope to protect our families from the Big Bad Wolf…. Even if that means utilizing some 5.56. Retired military and Federal officers are other great examples. The best part, people in these professions have some awesome skills that would make them great partners during an emergency or disaster.

7)  Farmers tend to be preppers. Think about this… They have land, equipment, garden plots, animals, Many farmers tend to be die-hard patriots, and believe in saving up for those dry spells.

So how about you? Have you found any like-minded folks who are into being prepared?

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