The rules are simple…

1) Like my Facebook page “Prepper Ralph”

2) Comment on THIS post on my WEBSITE “I’m in”

3) Subscribe to my email listing here on my website

You MUST do all 3 steps to be considered entered for the FREE give away. Don’t worry… I won’t be spamming you with stupid ads or dumb photos of politicians. The email is used strictly to send you a notification that I made a new post. It won’t be sold, given away, or used for any means beyond what’s listed above. If you are already subscribed to my email listing, then just complete the other 2 steps and you are entered. Winners will be chosen at random via a hat draw.

Now for the items to be sent out…

Winner #1 – Mora Companion Fixed blade utility knife new in package. Razor sharp and lightweight. The color of your choice!

Winner #2 – A new 1/2″x6″ ferro rod. These things are awesome and used for making fires.

Winner #3 A new 17:1 multitool like I recently reviewed here on my site. Comes with a belt pouch for the tool.

This is open to any and everyone 18 years old or older within the United States.


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