Hello world!

This is my first posting on my new website. This is a first for me so please bear with me as we go together in this process. Many of you may know me from YouTube or from Facebook. I’m an admin in several groups, so if you follow me there, thanks for the visit!
This is going to be a blogging/informational project where I’ll give advice, opinions, answer questions, and share my experiences with you in regards to my prepper lifestyle, survival, EMT medical experience, and much more

I hope you enjoy this journey that we will be on together. -Ralph


2 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  • The new website looks great! Be sure to post links to your blogs in the groups so that we can read them as they come 🙂

    • Thanks, Lisa! Every time something new posts you’ll see it as a new post on my personal facebook page, and any articles I doI’ll be sharing those around for sure. I’m hoping to push out something informative at least once a week or so

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