How I got to be an EMT…

So it all started several years ago. I was homeschooled at the time after being withdrawn from Highschool. I hated it anyways so being able to do my studies at my much faster pace and without all the distractions really appealed to me. It got to the point where I was getting bored, and deer season had ended so I wanted something new to do. My parents found out about a local Fire Dept. Explorer program so my little brother and I signed up.

I went through the program and decided to not get involved with the FD at that time. I turned 18 and went to work with a plumbing contractor on the road. By 19 I was in welding school learning some engineering and the many types of welding. At 20 I had dropped out due to finances(I worked 2 jobs while going to school full time) and went back to work. I had learned how to Stick and MIG as well as pipefitting so it was easy enough to get back into my old field.

Eventually, with the economic recession that was going on, I got tired of getting laid off. I decided to go back to school. The first step was to get serious and finally have proof that I had finished Highschool. My next step was obtaining my GED. That was easy enough with me scoring high 90’s for the entire exam.

After a few months I decided that I wasn’t interested in the FD still, and though I liked guns and driving fast, I didn’t want to be a LEO. I settled on EMS to try it out and hopefully gain some stability in work. The program back then was a lot different than it is now, but I really enjoyed it. My first time riding on the truck hooked me. Been at it now for 7+ years now. Coming soon, I’ll be heading back to school to make my way to Paramedic.

That’s the story of how I became an EMT working as a First Responder. I didn’t sign up for glory or the pay… I signed up to be able to have stability in work and life.

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