What did you do last week to prep?

Monday’s posts will always be about what we’ve done as preppers to become better prepared. Join me every week as I talk about my latest preps and plans.

A group member and I scavenged some large capacity batteries for his solar system. Also found a large inverter with breakers and outlets. This will be designed to keep essential medications cold for long-term viability.

I put together a simple fishing kit since I added an Ugly Stick last time. Now I have the kit and am ready to go fishing.

Planning a trip to see some fellow preppers I know. They are in Tennessee. It’ll be a 3-day trip.

Sold my Taurus Millenium G2. I’m wanting something different such as an M&P Shield. Looked at PSA’s site and I may go with a DMR styled upper instead….

Wife is signed up for a shooting class. The instructor is excellent.

Got some shooting practice in by shooting my Glock 17 Gen 4. That weapon has always been 100% reliable.

Got a new book I’m starting to read… It’s called Absolute Anarchy. Have you read it? It’s by Johnny Jacks. Seems pretty good so far. Look for a review coming.

So how about you? What have you done?

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