What did you do to prep this week? A weekly post about the various things I do to help myself and my family/friends become better prepared.

This oast week had been busy for me. I’m hunting parts to build out my DPMS upper I have. In the process, I’m considering using it for hunting this year with some soft point .223 rounds. What do you think?

I recently posted looking for folks interested in starting a MAG – Mutual Assistance Group. Basically a group of 10-20 members and their families to prep, train, and trade with each other. Thus far I’ve gotten some good interest and have friends wanting to participate as well. Lots of planning going into this as I continue working on other projects I have going. The MAG project has the potential to really kick off and be great.

Bought an inexpensive multitool from Walmart for testing. I’m wanting to see if it would be a decent option for the budget minded prepper to keep in their kit. Look for more on this later.

So how about you? What have you been up to?

5 thoughts on “MONDAY!!!”

    • Wish you were closer as well. You would be a great addition to the group. I’ve got pretty good interest in it so far wide a wide range of mixed skills and skill levels. So far it’s about 12+ people.

  • built and repaired coops for winter birds.. . lots of fall gardening .. experimenting with dehydrating figs etc.. Built a shooting table and bench… added 6 more batteries in parallel to first 6 in AGM battery bank.. harvested honey .. (22 gal)…. added medical supplies as well as some OTHER things.. lots going on.
    Happy to have cool weather and work all day and not be able to wring out everything I wear.

    • Man! Doing great! Yea, the weather has been awesome. I’ve been super busy so I have plenty of writting here to do. Lots of good things rattling around my head waiting to be posted.

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