What did you do to prep this week? A weekly post about the various things I do to help myself and my family/friends become better prepared.

This has been a long week for me. Truthfully, I didn’t get to do THAT much when it comes to preparedness though I did make some strides as usual. Here’s what happened…

I bought and reviewed the Ozark Trail 17:1 Multitool. I was surprised by how well it did so much so that I did a review on the item. You can see that HERE. It was so good in fact that it was added to my wife’s BOB.

Speaking of her kit… I did a total revamp on it. She had asked me to review the items inside the kit to see if there was anything lacking. I ended up removing quite a lot as our needs and knowledge has changed over the years, and cut at least 5 pounds of weight out of it. I’m going to need to put together a med kit for her and add a box of 9mm for her weapon. Outside of those minor things… Our kits are almost the same. Mine is slightly different since I have a minimum of 2x the distance to cover to get home.

Did you hear that L.L. Akers brought out her latest post-apoc thriller? Click on the following picture for more! Currently on pre-order

I decided to start a MAG… MAG stands for Mutual Assistance Group. This is intended to band together a loose confederation of local preppers to help each other times of need. It isn’t intended to be as fully organized as a Bug Out Group(BOG) or a Survival Group. Each member would work independently of the other to achieve a planned out route of preparedness in their own style for their own needs, while together they train, obtain commonly used gear, and become closer knit. So far I have almost 15 interested parties with several coming to a planned meet-up.

I bought my hunting license. The fact that you have to purchase your freedoms irks the hell out of me, but I can understand the logic. White-tailed deer almost went extinct in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s.

So how about you? What have you done this past week to prep?

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