A weekly post on what I do to better prepare myself and my family.

This week has been a lot different. Being prepared comes in many facets. These can be gear, food and water, skills, and overall physical ability. Something a lot of people tend to overlook is their spiritual and mental preparedness. I came to understand that something in my life was missing. We’ve had some struggle when it came to figuring out how to pay some of the final expenses from our move in with my grandfather. Between that and a lot of other stresses it really built up into a problem. I recognized my need for change and have taken as many steps as possible to start that process. My parents stepped in and helped with some of the financial issues, but needed something more. Sunday I went to church, without being told to, for the first time in YEARS. I had been getting hints every now and then about going and after all was said and done I went. The message was on Paul’s time in prison as he was writing to the Philippians. It was well needed, and well taken as far as messages go. This has been the biggest prep I’ve done in a long time. Whether you are Christian or Atheist, or even something else entirely, take the time to reconnect to life on a spiritual and mental level. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel.

I also bought a Mora knife. This is a Mora Companion in the military green. It has a carbon steel blade, is razor sharp, and you can get is by clicking the following picture…

Finally upgraded my phone from the LG G3 to a Samsung Galaxy S8+. WOW! This is a lot better machine and much more powerful. The only thing I don’t like about it is Bixby and the curved screen. The 12mp camera really helped though. It is what provided the first picture ever taken with my new phone. It’s also the featured picture of this week’s posting.

Next, of course, is a phone case for the new Samsung. I’ve loved having the Otterbox Defender cases on previous phones so went ahead and got one for the S8+. Glad I did! You can find a link to it by clicking on the following picture.

That’s about it for me. Stay tuned for a CONTEST coming later this week!!!!!

2 thoughts on “MONDAY!!!”

  • I am glad to hear you are attending church. Our relationship with the Lord is the most important prep anyone can do. I encourage you to spend time each day praying and reading your bible. Doing this myself has strengthened by walk with God. Place this “Prep” first in your life and watch what happens. You will be amazed!

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