What did you do to prep this week? A weekly post about the various things I do to help myself and my family/friends become better prepared.

A quick note before we proceed… As many folks know, November 4th has come and gone. This was supposedly going to be a national day of protest for “Antifa”. It ended up being a massive flop as many of the groups that were supposed to join with them flat out bailed. I did hear of some minor demonstrations in a few cities but nothing truly of note. The weekend did culminate into one major event yesterday the 5th… A dude walked into the middle of a church service and killed 20+ people, wounded many others, and would have continued to shoot had it not been for the intervention of an armed neighbor to the church. Thank God a good guy with a gun was able to stop the bad guy with one. As we all know… That’s the only way these events ever end.

Held the first MAG meeting up at a local mountain’s state park. Was beautiful scenery out there and had a total of 11 people including myself. Plans have been made to make this a monthly meeting, with a different subject every time if possible. Several things I was impressed by are the various skills every person had as no 2 people had the exact same, the openness of the group to share with like-minded people, and the willingness to meet and be friendly. I feel like I may have made some new friends and definite allies.

Did some horse trading for a new rifle. I traded out my S&W Shield 9mm and a DMPS upper I had been planning to build on for a nearly complete AR-15. I say nearly because I need a spring and roll pin to set the bolt release in. Picture follows… What do you think of that trade?

I added the scope from a .22 I had, and already had the 10 round magazines. Plan is to make this my new hunting/fighting rifle with QD optics mount and a few other do-dads including a set of BUIS

The GIVE AWAY is going well. I have a good number of entries and will be making a video of the drawing. I’m waiting until Wednesday to do this so if you are wanting in, you have until Wednesday midnight to get in. Share with your friends and family if they are interested as well. Everyone will have a fair and unbiased chance to win. Follow the link provided HERE to go to the giveaway and enter.

Last thing… I think I found a church to go to. The preacher seemed to follow many of the same beliefs as I do. I say this because he talked of the Liberty we share in the US to worship as we see fit, as well as several other viewpoints that I also share. This all fits in with my own mental/spiritual preparedness for me. Hope everyone has their own way of finding peace.

So what did you do to prep this last week?

5 thoughts on “MONDAY!!!”

  • I was able to replenish my stored gasoline. I normally rotate a portion of my stored fuel each month. However, in the past 5 months have needed to use all the fuel I had stored. Last week it all was replaced and fuel preservative added.

    Completed an inspection and reorganization of all my food preps. Damaged containers were disposed of. All food stuffs are normally stored by date, however things do get moved around as we use and rotate stock. Everything was inventoried, inspected and readjusted by date. Storage area was given a good cleaning as well.

  • I also spent some time of the range. Received a very good informal class on pistol shooting. For those in my area check out Echo 6 Veterans Shooting Club. We have a great pistol instructor. keeping an open mind and listening to his advice has helped my marksmanship greatly. The wife has also improved. she will listen to him better than my. LOL

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