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This past week was fun but disappointing at the same time. Finally took the AR out to sight in… the rifle itself surprised me with how accurate it is. It shoots a 1/2″ group at 100 yards easily… the bad news it that the scope I have on it won’t work. It lost zero and would have to be reset. This happened 2 times after being sighted in.

Talking the problem over with my dad, he gave me a Bushnell to use and see it it works out. I’m sure it will, since it was on a 7mm magnum.
Bought a new battery for the EMP Ford. I had removed it for use in my wife’s Honda after her battery went bad. I then learned that the battery cable had been chewed on. Using my Leatherman Wave… I took the clamp apart, trimmed the cable, striped the wire, then reaasembled it. Works like a charm!

I skipped Paramedic Class today. I’ll go instead on Wednesday… I have most of the week off so decided a bit of me time was needed. On a side note… We’ve started IV administration in class. Nothing like reportedly being stabbed by your fellow students trying to learn how to do it. Also found out I’m holding one of the higher grades in class. That is a good thing hahaha

Been hunting, but as you can see from the featured pic, no luck. A reader drew in my targeted game…

So how about YOU?

Question for folks… What’s your favorite piece of gear in your BOB?

2 thoughts on “Monday!!!”

  • This week’s major project was in some ways a “de-prep.” The new freshwater pump for the BOV arrived, so I replaced that. This allowed me to winterize the BOV, pumping anti-freeze through the system. So, we’re down 33 gallons of water until Spring. My wife has essentially completed the construction of her outdoor shop area, though a few details may remain. That won’t get too much use until Spring either. Finally, we added some more shelves inside to get better organized.

  • Same here .. no meat .. ( I did put out a salt lick .. so we’ll see) took and emergency class and learned some about the Olaes Dressing .. and put some in my kit . Added other medical supplies and food. Did some thermal camera research …. Continued on the Solar journey … got a about 2 5 gal buckets of seed sweet potatoes for nothing.. YAY! Coyotes got one of our feral watch cats .. poor Boo… Took an essential oils class and researched the distilling process and stills

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