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WOW! What a week! This past Thanksgiving week has been one crazy roller coasters! Ugh… just wish I could tell you ALL about it. I’m having to temporarily withhold SOME details until later. I’ll just have to say that I’ve never been happier before. You’ll see soon enough!

So before I give away the secret, let’s move on.

Wednesday was mine and my wife’s 3rd wedding anniversary. We had a nice dinner at home and enjoyed watching a few of our favorite movies.

There’s a new exhaust on the ’86 Ford I have. We tool the old leaky factory system off and put a glass pack. With that done, we tuned the intake system a bit, fixed the head lights and adjusted those, then welded the intake and exhaust manifolds together. On those trucks, there’s a gasket that goes between them allowing the intake to heat up which helps the gasoline and air mix better. This was also the site of an exhaust leak so we not only helped the performance of the truck, but we also stopped a leak. Parts are ready for an install to move away from the electronic ignition and go to a points style distributor. This furthers the hardiness and ease of maintenance of the truck. With that done, some vacuum issues will also be fixed to allow for gains of 40+ horsepower and better torque. The truck is already experiencing better take off and less lag.

Brother doing some welding on the new exhaust. This removes the old leaky system and adds a new, better flowing one.

The AR build received a new scope mount, more shooting time, and plans to change the stock and add back up iron sights. It’s a weaver mount that is cantilever style.

Paramedic school has been interesting… If you have been following any of my social media then you’ll know we have been working on IV’s and needlework. Pictured below is a success. Our veins in the class have been getting a lot of exercises as we stick and poke each other with needles learning how to use proper technique.

Me acting like a nut around sharp, pointy, dangerous objects while covered in blood should be no surprise to anyone… This picture should be a reminder to always tamponade after catheter insertion.

My dad gave me an authentic M65 military coat with an original liner in woodland camo. This thing is WARM! Love it.

Finally, I bought 2 boxes of Hornady American Whitetail 60 grain soft pints. They are supposedly great for deer hunting. They were for sale for $17.99 at the local Academy store.

So how about you? What have you done the past Thanksgiving week to prep?

2 thoughts on “MONDAY!!!”

  • Ralph, sounds like things are going great for you – wonderful to hear and Happy Anniversary. Hope you celebrate many many more!
    I bought a lot of ammunition last week. Lots of great prices. Especially great to see 22 mag below $8 for 50. Picked up some 9, 45 and 5.56.
    Spent a lot of time helping the wife for Thanksgiving and then decorating for Christmas. You know, happy wife, happy life! Look forward to hearing more Ralph!
    – Keep Looking Up

  • got a full set of maps overlapping states and counties.
    Began working with OLAES Battle dressings .. more versatile than IBD’s
    got a few of them as well as more medical dressings and adhesive.. some sutures and other stuff
    added food
    added a new stores rack…
    added .177 pellet gun
    played with night vision and added head lamp to kit ..
    mounted IR and night scope to AR10.. and zeroed in
    Zeroed colt AR .22 LR
    built a shooting bench .. RE:above zeroing
    took a class in Para cord tieing and made jigs for it..
    hmm .. cleaned knives, and general repack freshen up of GHB.
    picked up schrade SCH36 and replaced the cheap tie with paraord double for 12 foot of extra cord for drop leg.
    Hey I had the week off .. deer hunted 3 times (sadly no meat), but stalking in the dark with night vision was fun .. oodles of fox and raccoon rabbit etc.. Saw one running and jumping right after I shot a raccoon .. that or it was a kangaroo.. is was AL so probably a deer.
    Took an essential oils class..
    other little stuff

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