A weekly post on what I do to better prepare my home and family.

Well, the good news we had going turned out to be not so good news. Outside of that, it was a routine week.

Held another MAG meeting for my local “Carolina Regional Preppers and Survivalists”. The topic this month was Basic Medical Preparedness. A member and I went over our kits, met some new preppers, and had great conversation. Next months meeting will be firearms, shooting, and safety.

Paramedic class has continued with IV’s and pharmacology. My skills continue to improve. Friday I had my first OR clinical time. I managed to get an ET tube placement, and visualized vocal cords on two other patients. Surgeries I got to watch were a gallbladder removal, colon transection, and a hernia repair. Coming soon are my finals on pharmacology and drugs, as well as a 4 page paper on the two topics and their interaction with the body.

Give Away went to Brad. He received the Mora knife. The other two winners failed to get in contact with me with their shipping information. Congrats to Brad and thanks for entering! These are great knives for every member of the family and all your utility needs.

Last but not least, I bought a new pair of boots. It is INCREDIBLY HARD to find Size 12-EW boots that are not steel toe and not insulated. Geez… The ones I bought were Wolverines. They are very comfortable!

So how about you? What have you done this past week to prep?

p.s.—> Been busy with work, class, and everything else. Sorry about the lack of other posts. Stay tuned as I have some things lined up for you all!

2 thoughts on “Monday!!!”

  • Added maps, an air gun (pistol) , hand held CB, some OLAES dressing as well as other medical consumable and added it to my kit as well as a nasopharyngeal tube(lube). Attended some para cord class.. and short med class on the Olaes. added food.. did some sneak and peak training at night with night equipment.. this weekend will be the great chicken killing..

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