A weekly post on what I do to better prepare my home and family.

I skipped last week to post about my view on a lot of things preparedness. It turned out to be a pretty upsetting post to a lot of people. I have news. I have another posting coming later this week that will probably get other folks upset as well.

Click the pictures below to be taken to product links on what I’ve gotten over the past weeks.

So what did I do to prep these past few weeks? Well, I bought boots, then went and picked up my new boots for work. The Wolverines I’ve picked up have taken a bit to break in, but they are working out very well. Look good too… The works boots are Bates. They fit well, and are very comfortable. The only thing I don’t like is where the top of the boot zips together on the side, it rubs my leg and creates and irritation. I’ll probably end up putting a piece of tape over that area of the boot.

I turned 30 on Saturday, so my brother gifted me a new Cobra 25 CB radio with antenna. I’m trying to figure out a place to put that in my Xterra. I need mobile comms on that vehicle. The other CB I have will be getting placed in my wife’s CR-V more than likely.

Speaking of comms, it is good to be able to listen in as well. I picked up a Tecsun AM/FM/Shortwave radio. These things are inexpensive at $22 and run on batteries or a wall plug. Talk about versatility! This may end up being one of the few electronic pieces of gear I carry.

Other than that… just routine work and school. I did manage to pass through the first semester of Paramedic to make it on to cardiology. Next, come on ACLS! Fun stuff.

So how about you? What have you been doing with your preparedness?

6 thoughts on “Monday!!!”

  • Congrats on your course….Happy 30th…May I suggest a bit of lambs wool that is stick on to fix your boot irrational problem..It is available at most pharmacies or possibly wallmart.We have used this as we are both walkers and into comfort…Not much for prep this week other than discovering a glitch in or chimney height..Will address that this week…

  • Learning how to make crappy dry and canned goods into something more edible while “out in the field.”
    I haven’t started to write the recipes down yet but rest assured that is going to be a big to-do for me!

  • Happy 30th 🎂 birthday. Bought a cast iron Dutch oven for outdoor cooking. Talked with husband about getting a solar generator which we would store in a faraday cage and only bring out to recharge. We are getting that soon.

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