It’s Monday so you know what that means!!! A weekly post on what I do to better prepare my home and family.

Before we get started… How about that price pictured above?!? That’s for a box of 100 rounds.

2018 is here and I’ve set many goals. Chief among these is to get the yard cleaned up as it is ridiculous. Severa reasons for this but mainly unsightliness. The yard is ugly. That’s all there is to it. Today has been busy with this project ongoing now… I filled up the truck’s bed heaping with junk and debris to be hauled off. It’s mounded to the top of the cab of the truck. I estimate another bed and a half of junk to be hauled off. This will not only help clean up the yard but will also lessen the chance of an out of control fire.

From a preparedness standpoint making your yard less of a fire hazard not only protects your home better, but it also opens your sight line for shooting if need be. I’ll also be cutting out mimosa trees that have taken over parts of the yard.

Next on the list is a new back deck. It’s old, rotten, and needing to be replaced. My plan is to expand it slightly. Not only will this give us a safe area to sit outside, it also allows a rear exit to the yard. Currently, there’s no way to escape out the back of the house without jumping down 4′ to the ground.

A local friend and reader here invited me to his home in a nearby town. He gave me a quick tour around the house and we did a good bit of talking. I bought two BX-25 mags off of him, and he gifted me with a rear cargo carrier for suvs and a toolbox. The carrier is the type that slides into the 2″ towing receiver and pins in place. I’ve been needing one badly and plan on putting it to heavy use.

With fully welded construction, I’ll be using my new carrier often. Plans are to paint it black and place reflective decals on it.

We went out to the range early Saturday morning with my friend John Rourke. I put my Glock through the paces and got some trigger time behind my hunting AR. It is a mix of a Mid State upper, 80% lower, and a Palmetto State parts kit. This rifle has proven to be 100% reliable over the past 200 rounds I’ve shot through it. The Mid State upper is easily a sub-moa setup and has impressed me.

25 yards from rifle to target. Some people may scoff at this distance. FYI… that’s a regular sized clothespin holding the target. I believe I need to adjust to the right some.

I’ve got another AR-15 build I’m working on. I took suggestions from a couple facebook groups and finally decided on a 20″ build as a primary fighting rifle. My wife will continue to use her 16″ M-4 styled AR while I do an A4 style build. This yields slightly higher velocity, a longer sight radius, as well as a dedicated home/personal defense rifle for myself. Months ago I had done some selling and trading. I ended up trading away an upper and selling the lower.

School continues and we are now in Cardiology. I’ll be studying hard on this as cardiology is the mainstay of the Paramedic. This is a massive grey area in my experience as an EMT so filling in this spot will help me be a better field clinician.

We’ve made several budget changes that are allowing us to keep more money at home and less going to pay for bills. We’ve dropped Netflix, adjusted our insurance premiums, dropped 2 devices off of our phone plan, and moved some other things around. This has amounted to almost $200 a month in savings! We don’t know what we plan to do with the extra money, but some will definitely be used to pay down on our car loans and a credit card my wife has.

I look forward to this new year and all the opportunity it entails. April will make 1 year that this site has been online and running. Unlike a lot of websites, I paid for and set up my site the very same day. There has been a lot of growth here, changes, and content that I feel have helped many people. I’ve got more subjects coming and many many more posts. I hope you’ll continue to be a faithful reader and stick with me on my preparedness journey as we grow together. Look for more reviews, articles, opinions, and ego-busting posts here throughout the year! I may even change the overall look and layout 😉

So how about you? What are some goals you have for this year? What have you been up to preparing yourself and loved ones for the challenges ahead?

2 thoughts on “MONDAY!!!”

  • That’s a great price for the .22lr ammo! My preparation for the new year has consisted of sitting down and assessing everything that I have done to prep this past year, including food, tools, and knowledge. That way I can properly assess where I am and how it relates to where I want to be.

    • They had boxes of Remington 525 rounds for $17.99 As well

      That’s a good thing to do. It’s always good to look back and check so that you know where you need to co generate coming up.

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