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Been a busy week for me and I’ve been getting a lot of things done. Lets get right to it!

I decided to finally start working on a permanent CB setup in my Xterra. This started off with ordering a mount and wiring. I went with THIS mounting kit pictured below…

This kit included the mounting bracket, screws, antenna wire, and needed hardware. Be warned that this does require self tapping screws or you’ll have to drill a hole and then screw the bracket in place. You could also bolt it if needed. The cable was 18′ long and high quality. This all hooked up to my Cobra 25LTD that my brother had given me. HERE is a link for the antenna and spring setup. Pictured below is the finished install…

Install was easy and looks pretty good as well.

I also ordered an EKG interpretation book. We are in the middle of Cardiology in Paramedic class. If you are studying cardiology or just interested, this book is VERY helpful.

I’ve finally pulled the trigger so to speak on my newest AR build. This will be an M16-A4 inspired build to take the place as my primary home defense/SHTF weapon. Palmetto State Armory is having some really great deals, but for those that are old customers, they know the good buy and excellent quality that Palmetto offers. Pictured below is the build kit…

20″ AR build kit from Palmetto. Upgrades later on may include a more modern styled handguard, stock, and grip.

So how about you?

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