What did you do last week to prep?

To begin, you may have noticed that I’ve not been around much. I’ve been busy with moving. We’ve literally sold, gave away, or donated at least 1/2 of our belongings in an effort to downsize. This enabled us to build the funding for me to go to Paramedic school. I passed the entrance examination today.

New rotors, calipers, brakes, brake lines, bearings, seals, and spindle nut on both sides.

It’s also given us the funding to fix and repair my truck. From the spindles to the tires, the front end is new thanks to my younger brother.

I’ve done a lot of trading, and one of the things I obtained is a new to me 10/22 with a black stock and stainless barrel. An $8 rail placed on top as well as a Bushnell TRS-25 and I completed the build. If came with an extended magazine release. Also in the gun department, I FINALLY brought home the Weatherby Mark 5 Accumark in .30-06 which is a bolt action. I’ve been doing research into which scope I’ll be putting on it.

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After doing some shortening in the budget area and dropping non-essential services, we are saving a whopping $1200 a month now. This is huge! We will also begin paying all home expenses per our plan at my grandfather’s house.
What all this leads to is more money to apply to debts such as our financed car. It also gives us the flexibility to do and complete other projects we may have, and to bring content here to the site. There are some reviews of some great gear coming up.

Finally, 2 weeks ago I was in a rear end collision with another driver. After he hit me, he became belligerent and I ended up calling police after drawing a bladed weapon to make the person back off. He was driving a vehicle he borrowed from a family member. Insurance is fighting it out, but thus far it has been determined that my commuter vehicle(a 2004 Scion XB that gets 30+mpg) has been totaled. The insurance adjuster states that my “Bug” as I call it is worth between $4200-$4800. I’ll be hearing back from them sometime next week.

My wife and I have decided to sell the vehicle to the insurance company, and then use the entire amount to find another used vehicle. My hope is for an SUV or truck that gets decent gas mileage and is $10K or less. Any ideas on my new primary vehicle? BTW… I’m ok except for the expected sore back from the days following the wreck.

So there’s the long and short of it all. How’ve things been with you?

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  • Lots and lots of canning .. Hatched a set of Quail to replace the dog/hog killed ones.. added 7 Rainbow chicken chicks. Will get 20 free quail Sunday (bob white). Started some winter vegetables. a little over 2000 rnds of various. traded out some IBC totes for green stuff. Adds to medicals and food. added shelves and moved piles to shelves . crimper and lugs for DC solar cables. pretty busy.

      • Mostly just colorful plumage … could be brown egg layers .. or white or blue …
        Today I want to figure out how to keep the dog from passing along poison Ivy oils to ME!!!.. fro the third time this summer..
        I cannot wait for Cooler weather .. though it has not been bad here at all lately..

  • Congrats Ralph on the pass, and the move, and surviving the accident….and the driver. Sounds like you and the wife are making some real headway! That’s awesome buddy!

  • Not much. This month I am finally receiving some treatment (PT) for my work injury with daily appointments. Tomorrow I have my first appointment with orthopedic doctor. (Two months after injury. WC is great.) So I am fully busy with the attempting to heal. Add to our medical issues, the wife stepped into a spot on the yard without grass and turned her ankle End result is broken bone and possible tendon damage. Soft air cast and a knee scooter that insurance would not cover. Doctor eval in two weeks for her. I was able to add some information from the internet to my medical book and review/update some of my wish list and inventory list. Overall a rough week and it looks like a few more with us both attempting to heal.

    • Man… That sucks… I’ll keep both of you in my thoughts through this process. I’m all too familiar with the way WC does. Last run in I had with them ended with a lawsuit.

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