What did you do this past week to prep?

Started paramedic class today. Biggest single preparedness step yet. This will gain me much better understanding of emergency medicine and ways to take care of different diseases and injuries.

Wife and I went shooting. I sighted in the 10/22 I obtained through trading. Love it and very accurate. I put a Bushnell TRS-25 on top. The optic is the same one we’ve used on both of our AR’s. It has great clarity and holds zero great. It uses a CR-2032 coin style battery.

My wife and I also talked a good bit about the Norks and different preparedness options in case of a future attack. She had been watching the news and had some concerns. Laying out facts, those concerns were alleviated. She does want to order a few seed banks. Our plans, evacuation routes, and supplies to pack out became a topic of conversation as well. It’s been determined that she would like a notebook with instructions, supplies to take, as well as directions to predetermined safe house locations. I’ll be coming up with that over the next couple of weeks.

Obtained a Coleman propane stove for $12 at a yard sale. Great find. It’s the larger one and includes a hook up to a larger tank that would go with an RV.

Bought a new pack for school which will end up being used for another BOB. It’s a green MOLLE compatible bag. It carries a lifetime warranty, but with all products, be sure to save the receipt just in case. Link to purchase below.

Did some other little bits here and there. Started searching for a replacement to my commuting grocery getter. Probably going to be a 2000 model AWD Honda CR-V

Are you getting ready for the “Great American Eclipse”? I’ll be in class and have already asked the instructors about getting a few minutes to go view it.

So how about you? What are some things you’ve done to better prepare yourselves and your family?

1 thought on “Monday!”

  • Good for you man .. work hard and get your learn on..
    I expect some good articles to come out of that …. maybe a week by week recap ? woudl be informative an interesting.
    Silver, food, hatching more critters in incubator… on call week is a tough week for me .. lots of late nights.. whew .. glad it was over at 0800.

    I like the idea of a notebook .. got any format in mind ?
    Write in rain maybe too ?

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