What did you do to prep this week? A weekly post about the various things I do to help myself and my family/friends become better prepared.

ECLIPSE DAY! Are you going to be viewing it?

This week was for disconnecting. I came to realize that my life has become entirely way too stressed out and it was starting to affect my moods. It was even noticed at work so I took some time and went AFK (Away From Keyboard) for the large part of the week.

My local group and I got together at a member’s home and had a cookout. With this came planning, discussion, and general camaraderie. We also got out shooting together and in my opinion, reaffirmed our commitments to our friendships.

I received a pack from Cyalume Technologies! This is a full survival kit that they have asked me to do an honest review of and share with you all. It has some quality gear not found in many pre-made kits. Look for videos and articles related to the gear inside. See the product HERE.

We didn’t buy much this week. I’ve done some research, a lot of reading, and car shopping. Car shopping is having to happen after my car was rear-ended a few weeks ago. The insurance is giving us the run around though it is clear that the other driver hit me. Ugh… We’ll be looking for a new company as well.

So how about you? What have you done this past week to prep?

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