What did you do to prep this week? A weekly post about the various things I do to help myself and my family/friends become better prepared.

It’s 9/11… I hope you took a moment to recognize a moment of silence for those lost and their victims. I know I did.

Irma… Is there more to say other than that? Everyone in the southeast I believe scrambled for water, gas, canned goods, and anything else they might be able to get ahold of. For us, it was different.

Fuel has not only been watered down after Harvey, but is also harder to come by after folks went through a panic buying it.

Although all planning and effort went to the possibility of major storm damage here in the area, we weren’t scrambling like most were. Food is taken care of for months… Water was a bit complicated after learning that the only generator we have turns out to be burnt up apparently. Turns out we did end up buying some but not until about 2 days ago. We made the decision to wait so that local supply could be replenished. Med supplies are good, fuel supplies were good. About the only thing we were short on honestly was power. I’ll fix that for the next time with an inverter in my truck. I’ll also be seeing about getting the generator rebuilt.

Water supplies were almost out for most of my region. This picture was taken at the 4th local store my work partner and I stopped at. He’s obviously not a prepper.

By the way… Jose is supposed to be heading straight in now. Outstanding…

Had the CB hooked up and testing.

Built a Zello network for local folks ot my region.

Developed a comms plan for those within range of the CB systems.

Finally, did some tree work at the BOL. One of the pines cut was solid fatwood so I’ll be harvesting that to use and sell locally.

So how about you?

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  • We were well prepared. I spent a few hours placing sand bags around my home. I keep several on hand just for this. I was wrong in my estimation of what I needed. We came up about 100 short. Went to buy sand to fill more bags. I could not find any in my area. The plan is to continue filling bags as I can locate sand. I have plenty of bags just need the sand. I also propositioned my gas generator and the solar generator w/battery pack and extension cords. wife made larger than normal meals before the storm so we could eat left overs during storm with out needing to cook. All in all we were very prepared and very glad to have dodged the storm. Worst I saw in my area was some siding and roof shingles tore off homes. We did lose power today for about two hours. We did have some minor pooling of rain water in our yard, but nothing like when Mathew came through.

      • Keeping personal property list up to date is a good idea. I found many of our neighbors do not maintain a list at all. I review mine two or three times a year. This year I realized I had forgotten to list all my wife jewelry, so I needed to correct that problem. Another thing I failed to do was to take pictures of everything. Problem has been corrected and copies of the pictures placed on the memory stick I keep all the other personal info and placed in our bug out box.

        I realized I needed a system to contain and transport magazines and some spare ammo. Ammo cans are what I have used for the boxed ammo, but I have several loaded magazines for each weapon staged on storage shelves. I am thinking additional ammo boxes or possibly a large tote might be the answer. Having a hard case weapon carrier for each long gun is also a necessity.

        More sand bags. Lots more sand bags. I am rethinking the possibility of buying an aqua dam system for my property. While they are expensive I am starting to think it would be cheaper in the long term. Especially when taking into consideration storage when not in issue vs the sand bags and the labor required to place bags around the home vs the aqua dam.

        Hurricane shutters are also now on my list of home improvements to get done. Better looking for the home, faster to secure and a big labor saver. Cost is the only down side I can see.

        Like most all others have stated, my commo means is lacking. Currently we only have 1 AC/DC operated radio, 1 hand crank/ solar radio and two short range walkies. This area of prepping has been neglected on my part.

        Having emergencies come up in life always teaches us lessons. The main problem as I see it is most people don’t remember anything once the emergency is over and are no better prepared for the next one.

  • We were in prep run-up for Irma and what we found was that we were pretty much set already. Picked up some propane and filled the vehicles with fuel was about it.

    I’m going to start working a bit more on long range alternative communication. I want to be able to communicate with you folks in the event of a cataclysmic grid down event. The idea of amp’d up CB side band has been discussed with u-know-who and might be worth a try.

    • That was, for the most part, our experience with the storm as well. I’m planning on adding a second chain saw, a generator, inverter for my truck, and a solar option to just charge batteries. A co-worker has a flexible panel he uses when overlanding to keep his gear charged. Still put out 11 volts after the sun went down due to ambient light. As soon as I have info everyone else will.

      I’m looking into a SSB CB as soon as payday. I would like to do ham, but the fact is that I have enough studying going on with class. Ham is by far the better option, and CB is just as if not more common. Lots of folks have CB that isn’t even hooked up. I have to get my Baofeng out to try and hit the local repeaters since I moved as well. Lots of work to get done.

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