MONDAY!!! What did you do this past week to prep?

MONDAY!!! What did you do this past week to prep?

What did you do to prep this week? A weekly post about the various things I do to help myself and my family/friends become better prepared.

This week was productive in some ways and in others not. We were very busy so didn’t get a lot of time to do things we needed to do.

I would say the biggest thing I got done was getting the EMP truck on the road. A lot of folks have been wondering and I’ve kept the project mostly under wraps. The purpose is to have transportation in case electronics somehow get fried. Now, those that follow me on Facebook know that I’m not a believer in the theory of “all-gadget-killing” EMPs. There’s just too much research out there that says that most electronics and especially those in vehicles won’t be harmed. With that in mind, it doesn’t hurt to be a little overly cautious. So here are a couple pictures of the truck taken with an unsteady camera phone…

The truck is a very unassuming Ford F-150 from 1986.

Like most old trucks from the 80’s it’s just an old beater that will blend into traffic.

The secret lies in the simplified engine compartment. All of the smog, sensors, and computerized equipment has been removed and it’s been converted to almost entirely mechanical.

Other preparedness minded things I did this week include becoming an affiliate with Patriot Pantry. costs money to keep online. This, of course, is money that can be used to bring further content to the site as well as preps to my closet by investing the money spent here to other avenues. I’m not looking for a get rich quick thing. Just to offset some cost on the site. Patriot Pantry has such sponsors as Glen Beck and Ben Shapiro.

That’s about it with me. How about you?

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