Monday!!! What did you do this past week to prep?

What did you do to prep this week? A weekly post about the various things I do to help myself and my family/friends become better prepared.

Getting things lined up more and more to make the final move to my grandfather’s house. This will save us a load of money every month even with us taking over all of the house bills. Altogether, this move will save us a minimum of $850 a month.

Been looking for a rear tine tiller. Mentioned it to my partner at work and he told me that he had one. It’s self-propelled with a 7+ horsepower engine. This will enable us to do a big garden this coming spring. We are planning on canning and storing whatever we don’t immediately use.

Met up with some fellow preppers in my area. Good guys and very experienced. We were at one of their homes and went over plans for his backyard. His apple trees have produced so many apples that the limbs are sagging. I mentioned propping or tying them up to keep the limbs from busting.

I’m going today to tag and register the EMP truck. Hopefully, I can get some tires and an alternator for it this week as well.

So how about you?

Dont’ forget, drawing for the copy of Bushcraft First Aid is being held tomorrow. Vote for me on then post the screen shot on my facebook page. You’ll be entered into the drawing!

5 thoughts on “Monday!!! What did you do this past week to prep?”

  • My prepping has been placed a bit on hold. A work place injury has had me off work of 5 weeks now and it will be some time before I will be able to return to work. With money being tight due to being off work all our preparedness efforts have had to be in the free or very cheap range. I picked up two brushes for weapon cleaning, worked in garden and completed quarterly maintenance on our generator. Additionally inventoried my supplies, updated wish list and to do list. Done some reaching out to others in my area. It seems to me that all the serious preppers live very far away. Local folks have been almost impossible to find, but I am not giving up. I realize the need of a group.

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