Monday!!! What did you do this week to prep?

What did you do to prep this week? A weekly post about the various things I do to help myself and my family/friends become better prepared.

Been a helluva busy week again so content here has been slow.  What time’s I have been able to get to my sites and such have all been on social media answering questions for newer folks. In case you haven’t been following, we are currently almost done with our move to my grandfather’s. He’s doing a lot better. So what did I do as far as prepping?

Traded an AR upper for a stainless 10/22.  It has a black synthetic stock and actually looks great. The plan is to put a simple optic on it as well as a set of peeps sights. That is unless I sell or trade it away. Here’s a stock photo of one:

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Got things moved to our climate controlled storage unit. I’ve started to really like the idea of an offsite storage location. It makes a great secondary fallback location to resupply and is highly secure.  The best part is that the location is only 3 miles from where we are living. Any ideas on what supplies I should keep at this secondary location?

Met another prepper minded family this weekend. Turns out to be a neighbor from where we are moving from. Nice guy and very friendly. Sucks that I’m moving but we have connected over Facebook so that we can keep in touch. This guy literally lives on the first floor of our apartment building, and we lived on the third. Telling you… It pays to talk to your neighbors.

In an effort to save money… We have opted to NOT get internet service here at the house. Using our cell phones, we are able to connect other devices to them as a wifi hotspot meaning that out service is 100% mobile. I got the idea to do this from the ambulance service I work for since we use a similar idea for internet on the ambulances. Because we were already on a high gig plan through our carrier, it was actually the exact same pricing to move to unlimited data. We are also dropping two lines of service from our plan. This will save us in total $80+ per month in billing by not having an additional home internet service. The best part is that by using our cell phones as the hotspot, we literally have a mobile internet connection with us at all times.

Finally, the best part of this week is the drastic downsizing we have done. We’ve given away almost all of our stored food because of the high sodium content. Now that we are including my grandfather in our plans, we’ve had to consider his special dietary concerns. That included getting rid of 12 cases of canned goods. It went to my friend that is helping us move. He has a wife and two teen sons so they were more than happy to take it off our hands. They were also given a compound bow with arrows, hunting clothes, hunting ground blinds, a backpack, and other gear. I know that it will all be put to good use. Now to get rid of all the old clothes, shoes, and everything else that we’ve decided not to keep. Goodwill I’m sure can take it off our hands.

So how about you? What have you done this week to prep?

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  • I was thinking about cutting the cord on my internet also until I read the fine print on my Verizon Umlimied data plan regarding hotspot usage. They don’t advertise it very well but they cap their hotspot data at 10 gigs. Or they throttle it way back after that point. It depends on the data through put on the network in your area at that time.

  • Not much this past week. Wife had one medical appointment and I had four. I will be very glad when I am all healed up. We had VBS at our church as well. Both the wife and I helped out some as we were able. I did manage to clean all our rifles, shot guns and all but three of the pistols. Wife did not want me cleaning her pistols. Also checked pistol magazines. Found one to be damaged so it was worth the effort. Weapon cleaning was an all day effort. Attended a NRA class and received my certification as a NRA Range Safety Officer. Finished gleaning the garden and completed some yard maintenance. Not a lot done as for prepping, more just normal maintenance work.

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