Monday!!! What did you do this past week to prep?

Monday!!! What did you do this past week to prep?

What did you do to prep this week? A weekly post about the various things I do to help myself and my family/friends become better prepared.

This week was a bit slow for us. We’ve started the move to my grandfather’s and have begun to stay there. As a consequence, there’s been less activity here on the site. You will see more content soon.

Changed the alternator in the ’86 Ford. Two bolts and two plugs and it comes right out. I put the new one in and went to hook it up only to find that the pulleys didn’t match. I had to remove the new alternator and pull the pulleys before swapping them. With the old pulley on the new part the truck is definitely more reliable. I also picked up a 24″ LED lightbar that will be mounted on the truck.

Met with a local guy that’s a friend of a friend to do some trading and bartering. He ended up with a camping stove and cash while I ended up with a pocket full of silver. We have plans to do more trading.

Had a small cookout with my local group. It’s been a few months since we all got together at once. We talked about all the negative things going on and then all the positives. Despite problems we all have, we also had many things to be thankful for. One member reprogrammed our handheld radios, another brought a generator and cart, another brought solar panels, and another brought batteries for use with the panels. 

Altogether, it was a good productive week. It has been busy and will continue to be for the next few weeks before it slows down to some semblance of relaxation. It’s good to know who your friends are.

So how about you?

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  • Slow period for me as well. A work place accident last month has me off work and trying to heal. It has been six weeks now and looks like at least another 4 weeks. Possible longer.

    I was able to update some of my medical book and thumb drives with additional articles. Picked up a few over the counter meds for the medical closet. The wife found a good deal on Amazon for some supplies for one of our medical devices so we added a few items to the equipment bag.

    Sharpened a few knives. Inspected all the fire extinguishers in and around the house. Checked food inventories, dusting off some of the cans and rotating some of the stock into line to be used.

    We replaced some dog food and pet medications we had used. Dog food has such a short shelf life it is hard to maintain a supply for longer than about 1 year. Good shelf life on the pet meds, but cost is always a factor.

    Garden is suffering from the heat. We are at the point we are cleaning up and about to the end of our season.

    Life is good

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