MONDAY!!! What did you do to prep this week?

What did you do to prep this week? I ask this weekly HERE on Facebook. This will become a weekly post here on my site as well. It’s a pretty popular posting on there and it usually stays active for the next couple days as folks leave replies. Starting today, every Monday will have that theme. As always, I’ll include links so you can find the gear too. I hope you’ll participate. So without further delay…


What did you do to prep this week?

For me, it was more of a gear week.

The MCR6 by Condor is lightweight and comfortable. It replaces my Recon Chest Rig sold to my brother.

I received the Condor MCR6 I had ordered. It’s a chest rig that is slim and lightweight. I like how it has places for 6 mags, maps, and webbing. I sold my old rig to my little brother.

Bought a new fishing rod. It’s an Ugly Stick rod/reel combo. Usually on sale for $50-$60, I got the last one they had on sale for $29+. I bought it at Walmart. Being able to catch your food should be a paramount skill for every Prepper or Survivalist.

Slim and lightweight. This case comes with a holster that has a sturdy belt clip.

Preppers have to protect their gear. In response, I bought an Otterbox Defender case. It’s lightweight and cost $25. Comes with their excellent warranties.It’s available for many cell phones.

A friend shipped me a camera tripod. I’ve been needing one. More video/pics to come. Also shipped a solar/hand crank flashlight. I like it so much I’ll be ordering on for my wife. Would be great to leave in there for emergencies.

I’ll go in a bit to pay more on the BOV. Pics to follow…

How about you?

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