Mullein is a healing plant that’s found all over the world. It is also called Verbascum. I’ve found it many times out on the roadsides or in the edges of fields. As I was taking a walk near a hydroelectric dam and looked down to find a massive example. They like areas with drier soil.

The uses for this plant are numerous but it’s most famous for treating respiratory issues. Typically you would dry the younger more tender leaves and crush them into a powder for tea. To use it take a heaping tablespoon and pour boiling water over the top in a pot then cover and let steep. Be sure to strain it to remove any of the fine hairs. Those hairs can be irritating to the throat. It can be used for coughs, pleurisy, laryngitis, and swollen glands. I have personally seen someone place a towel over their head and breath in the steam for slight asthma exacerbation.

If you make an oil from the flowers, use it for aches, pains, and a rubbing for hemorrhoids.

A poultice can be made by placing a leaf or two in a dish, pouring boiling water over top, and when cool applying to the affected area for splinters, pain, and to alleviate sore backs and broken ribs. A partial leaf poultice can be used to help draw splinters and boils as well.

What other uses have you got for Mullein aka Verbascum?

Referenced from Backyard Medicine by Matthew Seal and Julie Bruton-Seal.

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