New stuff on the site?

You may see a few ads here and there on my site. I’m not trying to spam you, and they will only ever go to actual products I use or have used before. This is in an effort to offset the cost of running this site. I refuse to get totally commercialized because I like the clean look and I’m pretty sure you all do as well. If you click on an ad here on my site, know that you will never see a difference in price. For instance, if you go to Amazon and buy a $50 pair of pants, vs buying them through my site, they will still only cost $50. Actually, they may cost less because I only try to find links to the best prices.

I’ve also become an affiliate of Patriot Pantry. Again, they are a product I actually use. They have a 72-hour soup kit that I keep in my bags. It’s inexpensive and highly tasty. If you watch my BOB video on youtube from months back you’ll see it in there. Here’s a link to that product if you are interested:

I appreciate everyone that comes by and visits my site. You guys and gals were my inspiration to get started. I hope you don’t mind the ads and I promise you that the site will not be covered in them like many others. I’m not greedy, and I’ll not try to shove things down your throats. As I said before, the only things you’ll see linked here are products I actually have experience with. Thanks for understanding… Websites aren’t free after all…

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