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This week’s post is actually a culmination of the past couple classes. After the first posting, we spent 2 weeks going over Patient Assessments and how to properly be good “Medical Detectives”. For someone that has been doing this as long as I have, it was a long day in class. I will say that it is good to have a refresher and shows how well I’ve developed in this particular skill set over the years.

Last week was a review of Anatomy and Physiology starting with the cellular structure. This included thoughts and theories on medication interaction on the microscopic level and how Paramedics, using their drug toolkit, can make a difference in patient outcome. We covered the 11 systems of the body as well. So also began my the studying of my first medication quiz. I have to know the ins and outs of 6 new drugs every week until the end of class. This week’s drugs are:

Albuterol – bronchial dilator for asthma and related illness.
Diphenhydramine(Benadryl)– antihistamine used for allergic reactions
Fentanyl – Pain medication commonly used for kidney stones and during rapid sequence intubation
Methylprednisolone(Solu-Medrol) – steroid also used in an allergic reaction where anaphylaxis occurred
Glucagon – allows the release of glycogen in the pancreas to offset hypoglycemia in patients that may not be a typical diabetic
Promethazine(Phenergan) – Reduces the feeling of nausea and the urge to vomit

That’s it for now! Let see what we’ll be working on next class. Join me every week for an update on my journey to Paramedic.

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