Paramedic School

This is the start of a weekly update on Paramedic school and all of the adventures therein. Look for these updates weekly on medical knowledge and my growth in emergency medicine.

So to start, I decided to enroll in Paramedic because after almost 8 years in the field I feel like my hands are tied. I was finally starting to get bored with my work, though I love it, and needed some growth. Previously, I’d been through Wilderness EMT training, various “alphabet classes”, and other various teachings as opportunity and curiosity arose. There is always something new to learn just over the horizon, but as a Basic EMT, that horizon was starting to draw more near.

What I was reaching for as well is a better understanding of dealing with emergency medical and traumatic events that may occur during any SHTF, whether is be Grid Down or Red Dawn (great movie btw).

With the state of NC thankfully waving tuition costs, all I had to do was pay for fees. Many of you who follow me on Facebook know that I recently moved from South Carolina to North Carolina to help with my grandfather who is suffering from colon cancer. With that moving cam downsizing, and we leaped at the opportunity to downsize our living arrangements. This included selling, giving away, and donating at least half of all possessions we had. That in itself was quite liberating! With money in hand, I paid for the class.

So my first day of class was just general paperwork and overview of expectations. They aren’t nearly as strict as I am at work when I have a new employee. After all, new employees should maintain a high regard for their station as it may certainly lead to life-saving decisions. After lunch, we went over scene safety and Primary Patient Assessment. PPA is where you go through and determine the life ending threats the patient may have. Airway clarity, Breathing effectiveness, and Circulatory function are examples of what you are initially searching for. You also want to make sure there isn’t any of that red stuff called blood leaking out. That might be bad after all…

So ended my first day of Paramedic School. I’ll be in class every Monday, and towards Christmas will begin clinical rotations in the ER as well as on the ambulance.

So if this is interesting to you, I urge you to stick with me while I bring you along for this journey! Look for these posts on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

2 thoughts on “Paramedic School”

  • Congrats Ralph, good luck with the class. How’s grandpa doing? I know that’s tough to watch. I’ll keep him in my prayers.

    • Thanks! I’m hoping that I do good. This will be a lot of fill in the blank with me since I have so much field experience. There are some folks in class that has only been in the field for a year. I believe they may be at a disadvantage compared.

      He’s doing ok. He’s stuck permanently to using a walker now. His strength is up, but his balance is bad. That’s the worst of it right now. Labs go up and down and he continues chemo for his cancer. I appreciate the good thoughts and prayers, as I know he does.

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