How to store food for long term preps…

How to store food for long term preps…

I show you how to store food for long term. It is incredibly easy and cost saving.

There are very few items needed but they need to be high quality. Below I added a video I made to walk you through the steps. For ease, here’s a material list. All you have to do is click on the link to be taken to Amazon to purchase

Mylar Bags: I highly recommend the PackFreshUSA brand. They are heavy duty and make a great seal.

You can see the excellent vacuum seal that the oxygen absorber made. The PackFreshUSA bags have held up well over the last year and continue to hold vacuum.

5-gallon buckets: I used Home Depot brand, but any food grade bucket will do. The bags are available in any size so storing is easy. Don’t forget your Lids for the buckets

Sealer: I used the Fahrenheit brand 450-degree straightener. It worked excellently.

Food… In this case, I used Mahatma brand rice in the 20lb bag. Costs about $10 for 20 pounds.

If you found this helpful then be sure to share. If you have questions then be sure to leave a comment.

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