S&W Shield Update

S&W Shield Update

Decided to put up an S&W Shield Update.

So far I’ve been carrying the weapon legal as much as possible. I’ve placed 118 rounds through the pistol. I’ve noticed smoother action as I go. It has fired ball and Hornady Critical Defense without issue.

So far it has proven reliable with only one minor hiccup. I initially thought there was a failure to fire. After replaying the event over in my head and further shooting I realized I had short stroked the trigger. I have also noticed small black polymer shavings three times while firing. I’ve broken the pistol apart looking for where they frame may have been shaved by the slide and came up empty handed. As stated above, it does have a smoother action the more I shoot it.

One other issue I’ve had which has proved to be major which involves a magazine. Basically, it’s ruined. The spring became bunch in the magazine and is permanently warped. Being that it is a brand new mag, I’ll be contacting S&W on this problem for a resolution. This was a magazine that came with the weapon.

I’ll update again in a few months when I’ve had more rounds through it, but so far it remains 100% reliable. I still consider this weapon to be a great purchase.

4 thoughts on “S&W Shield Update”

  • Ralph you are carrying a weapon for protection with less than 200 rounds through it. You are a braver man than I.

    • Can promise you that it’s not the only one within reach 😉

      I have a Glock 17 that’s been tested and proven for years. I’ve personally put easily 2000 rounds through that weapon both in classes and range time.

      I may have the Shield on my side, but the Glock is in my pack.

  • Appreciate the honest information. Far too often when you go to a website everything on a product is perfect with no con’s at all.

    My experience with the Shield includes perfect reliability. I wish I had not gotten rid of it and plan to get another – possibly in 45ACP just because I like the grip. We’ll see.

  • Been carrying a 45 shield for more than two years and can’t be happier. Never had any issues aside from needing to brighten up the front sight after 18 months. Still keep my 1911 close, two is one and one is none is a good rule.

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