Thoughts for Thursday…

I share my Thoughts for Thursday every week. Just a quick update on things and the world.

The Norks claim to be able to launch a nuclear weapon now. According to their claim as reported by Fox News, the missile flew over 1,000 miles higher than the ISS.

As reported by Fox News

With that said, apparently Washington state feels that it doesn’t need to prep for a nuclear holocaust because they prep for earthquakes and tsunamis instead.

Ridiculous claim as reported by Fox News.

I’m hoping to have more videos coming. They will be posted on Youtube HERE or you can see them when they get loaded with an article.

The local pawn shop has a kick ass deal on a Weatherby Mark V. $800!!! This is going on layaway if it’s still there tomorrow. These weapons are stupid accurate. The one I’m looking at is in .30-06 since it’s in my favorite caliber.

You can see more at

Y’all have a great rest of the week!

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