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I share my Thoughts for Thursday every week. Just a quick update on things and the world.

Been a crazy week so far here in the Carolinas. We had a massive storm system move through the area this weekend then more storms yesterday. I was out directing traffic at one flooded intersection until DOT arrived. Wednesday we had more thunderstorms that ended in tornado warnings. It has been confirmed that there were at least two tornadoes in the county I work EMS. Several people were killed in neighboring communities.

Cowards have networked together to attack the UK. There were over 20 killed and much more injured at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Interesting how she is pro immigration and pro refugees, but then her concert gets bombed.

With that, the UK military is now patrolling the streets near many large public attractions. The police aren’t allowed to carry weapons with the exception of specially trained officers. Just wondering what folks here in the US would think if the government deployed the military in an effort to hunt terrorists.

Decided to get a second job. It’s not hard labor and pays pretty well. I’m hoping that this will put me a few steps ahead as I pay for medical bills and other needed things.

I’m very pleased with my decision to buy the S&W Shield 9mm. Lightweight and almost forgettable when worn IWB, the gun is worth its money. I’ve shown it to a few friends and all of them are wanting one. Got to say S&W knocked one out of the park when they brought this one out.

So what’s going on with you?

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  • Britain did it to themselves by uncontrolled immigration. London has a Muslim mayor that threatens the US almost weekly. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad for the families, because I do. A nation that votes for representation gets the government it deserves. The answer is change it. Anything else is denial and bandaids IMO.

    Unless you suspend Posse Comitatus

    We can use State National Guard which is under the control of the governor of that state and not the Federal Government. (citizen soldiers). If so a problem with needing them ? Yes.. With deploying them when needed ? No. If it is to handle an acute issue. (not much different than a Hurricane or Earthquake) .. Permanently deployed Yeah .. that is a problem. But I doubt they will do that. They will more likely deploy and expand DHS para. And that would be an enormous problem. Federal has not Constitutional right to control states. They woudl not let a catastrophe go to waste though. If you allow federal control it you will never get rid of it. Involve your citizens to be armed and involved and protect themselves. IMO

    • Britain certainly did do it to themselves. They have a pretty widescale movement over there that’s trying to change that. There’s a Facebook page called “Britain First” that is popular amongst the citizens there. Even the Irish are shaking their heads at the debacle.

      I think a Congressional decision to revoke Posse Comitatus would be a disaster. People are paranoid enough just seeing a convoy of NG vehicles going to a training location. Could you imagine actual troops marching through the city? Though, I have to say the response to the Boston Bombings were not much different except the style of uniform.

      Hopefully the States will regain their freedoms and stop letting the Fed’s make problems worse.

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