Thoughts for Thursday…

Thoughts for Thursday…

I share my Thoughts for Thursday every week. Just a quick update on things and the world.

I’m sitting in an ambulance overlooking a small lake in the county I work. There’s a great blue heron on its bank hunting fish and frogs. Reminds me of the walk my wife and I took Monday morning down by the river. The path used to be all dirt and gravel. Now it’s paved for the yuppies to jog down.

The Norks launched another missile a few days ago only to land in a Japanese fishing zone. Two days later we launch out of the Marshall Islands and intercept the missile while it’s in orbit with a second missile. It is effectively the same as shooting one bullet with another bullet. This all happened at thousands of miles per hour in the vacuum of space. The interceptor launched from southern California.

Went shooting with a couple friends this past Saturday and used several different weapons. Have you heard of the new FX-9 carbine from Classic Firearms? Uses Glock magazines and was a blast to shoot. I was surprised by how good the quality of this weapon was. Its fast, accurate, and would be a great home defense carbine in my opinion. If I can swing it owning one will be in my future.

Updated the website over the weekend as well. I’m hoping that it makes it more user-friendly to all of you, my readers. Let me know what you think

That’s about it for now.

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