Thoughts for Thursday…

Thoughts for Thursday…

I share my Thoughts for Thursday every week. Just a quick update on things and the world.

Grandfather has come home and we have begun work in the house. Its a long road, but one room is almost finished with 2 more to be done. After the bedrooms have been completed, next will be rebuilding the back deck. Its in rough shape. 

Had somewhat of a talk with my grandfather about food and that we store some. I mentioned 40 pounds of beans and he was happy about it. His current turn for the worst in health has been an example where, if he were younger, could have caused job loss. “Those beans”, he said, “would come in handy.” 

Saw today a woman selling a brand new Coleman Propane stove with a couple bottles of has for it. $40 firm since it was bought over the winter and never used. She states that it was bought for an incoming ice storm but never needed it. I guess she forgot about hurricane season here in the Carolinas. Won’t be long and they’ll be spinning up in the Atlantic again. This brings to mind all the folks I know who say having extras is a good thing, but never get them. Even a few kerosene lamps can make a difference when it’s freezing out and you have no power. Light them in a room and it will quickly get warmer. The woman mentioned above is the reason for the featured image.

Needing to get 30mm mounts for that Mark V I have on layaway. Any recommendations on preference? I’d prefer steel rings for sure.

Upcoming review of a MOLLE Mounting system for vehicles. Known as “M.A.R.S. Mounts”, they provide storage and gear placement solutions that I’ve never seen before. Stay tuned for that.

That’s about it for me. How about you?

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