Thoughts for Thursday…

I share my Thoughts for Thursday every week. Just a quick update on things and the world.

The Shooting…

A Leftist Bernie Sanders supporter tried to commit mass murder against Republican Congressmen and their aids. He shot and critically wounded Scalise and wounded several others as well. His name isn’t worth being mentioned or his affiliates. It should have never happened. The investigation is still ongoing but it does prove a point… Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. That’s the truth.

Carry A Gun!

Do you conceal carry? I have my permit and do so as often as legally possible. Today’s shooting and many others like it all across the country should be plenty of inspiration for you to want to protect yourself. If that’s not enough, look at your kids and families. I highly recommend women obtain their permits and carry as often as possible as well.


Been doing some Comms checks with my local group… We’ve experienced great success! I seriously need to get my Ham license. In the meantime… I’m still utilizing CB as a form of communication.

The Bug Out Truck

Project is on hold for now due to all the stuff going on with my grandfather. My wife and I are in the process of selling a lot of our “stuff” to downsize before our eventual move. I’m hoping to use this money to not only pay off the remainder on the truck, but also the rifle. Yes, we live on a budget, and we make it work by being almost totally debt free. Look for a future post on the Bug Out Truck coming soon!

So how about you? Have you got any thoughts you’d like to share?

3 thoughts on “Thoughts for Thursday…”

  • Yeah the shooting… I really do not want to know what the whack-job has for breakfast every day of his life. Seems they never let a crisis go to waste. Inbound anti 2A already underway.

    Well I’ve significantly upgraded my mobile capability for legal carry. And I’ve added a vest/plates to my Mobile with my GHB. can we SAY HEAVY!.. so I’ve upped my cardio as well. The heat and humidity has a real impact using the pack AND vest. Now add a single point sling with something at the end… whew… Makes you want to make sure you only carry what you need .

    I started looking at BOV’s a couple weeks ago. I have nearly settled on FORD Diesel 7.4 pre 19 95. 400K miles engine.
    As I have a farm I can legally put a RED Diesel Tank on property .. for off road machines like my tractor. Moreover it will burn Kerosene and JP3 and 4. With a stabilizer and biocide it will go for about 5 years in storage. Red Diesel is about $.95 per gallon less in state tax. We’ll see. I’d upgrade CAB Electronics and leave the engine electronics alone.

    I got my HAM this past year .. it wasn’t bad 6 weeks of class and the 7th a test. I got my Technicians and General at the same time ,, I had a strategy that worked well. Email me If you want to chat etc..

    • They definitely never let it go to waste…

      I’ve recently went to a new chest rig. I’d like to do plates but the weight is what gets me. Hopefully A bullet won’t. Every pound counts when it comes to a rig like that. What’s your ammo load out on it?

      That truck sounds like a great asset. Especially with the diverse fuels it can burn. Is there any modifications that need to be done to make it burn the JP?

      Let me get off work and I’ll shoot you a message this evening

      • No mods to burn JP3 or kerosene.
        Yeah plates are around 18 – 22 lbs for chest and back plate .. no side plates so far. Depending on rig/plate size, but includes trauma pad.
        Load out is one Mod 21 Glock. with mag and 3 spares on vest. ^ mags 556 (2 per pouch) one in gun. Spare ammo for both in Bag.
        One IFAK (CAT and chest seals). The greater the distance the heavier the bag i.e. more days supported.
        So rig without bag is probably 35-40 lbs
        Bag is down to about 60-65 depending on how much food and water.
        Considering carrying some things on my waist to shift the weight. You don’t have to walk more that 3-4 miles to tell it really is gonna be tough until you get used to it.
        I’ve had some time to listen to folks that think they can do 15 – 20 miles a day. I’m thinking 10-12 max if you use roads.. 3 – 5 maybe. Roads are for ambushes… The SOG guys max their pack at 35lbs, but they have a logistics train to assist for resupply.

        I have a function tonight .. but yeah gimme a holler and we’ll hook up.

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