Thoughts for Thursday…

I share my thoughts for Thursday every week. Just a quick update on things and the world.

The world has continued to spin and burn. The media continues to push their agendas and cloud the minds of the people by fussing over minor details. MSM and their affiliates push propaganda on the US peoples. All we hear about is Tweets and he said she said BS. Don’t allow those that have an agenda push their influence into your minds. Think freely and stay open.

In 2022 the Earth will be entering an asteroid field. This is a hot topic for NASA and so there are at least three missions pushing into testing phase ahead of the planned asteroid arrival:

Asteroid Redirect
Asteroid Deflect

Redirect has the purpose of stealing a boulder-sized asteroid and putting it in orbit around the moon for research purposes. Deflect is as the name states. They are testing the ability for a spacecraft to impact an asteroid to push it off course. This is supposedly being done with the Didymos binary asteroid system. Psyche is designed to land on a metallic asteroid for testing purposes. They want to know the composition and if they are an economic possibility. Remember Redirect? The US government is trying to hit an asteroid to shove it off course. This asteroid has the ability to create regional damages. Think of the one that disintegrated over Russia a few years ago blowing out windows and setting fires locally. From a preparedness standpoint, are you ready in case of a celestial impact? I know I’m not. Here’s a collage video from youtube of the Russian event…

The Norks have launched their most provocative missile yet and has been confirmed by the US government to be a true ICBM featuring a two-stage launch that put the object at 1700 miles high. The Pentagon says that they now have the capability to make a launch that can reach US territory including Alaska. Every option is being discussed within the US government as well as the UN.

An earthquake in Montana with a magnitude of 5.8 hit in the western part of the state. From my various contacts I talk with regularly, it was felt from Washington state, into North and South Dakota, all the way up into Canada and south into Wyoming. Earthquakes in Montana are definitely not a rare occurrence, but what is rare is the power in this particular event. That magnitude is very uncommon. This follows the “swarm” that has recently occurred at Yellowstone.

Those are the things I’ve been keeping up with this past week. Life has certainly been interesting, to say the least. People still look at preppers like they are crazy. I look at the sheep as animals being lead to a slaughter. Keep the bags packed and the mags stacked.

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