Thoughts for Thursday…

Lots of folks are worried about North Korea. Is it bad that I’m not? I don’t see them invading, popping an EMP on us, or even shooting an ICBM anywhere near us successfully. Even if they could, we have the Carrier Group located near there, our troops already positioned in South Korea, and long range bombers that can make rubble out of their stuff.

I’m on the ambulance again today. 14 hours as per usual. Been a calm day for the most part. Swapped my phone number over to my wife’s old phone. She upgraded to the new i-Phone.

Got some work to do on my Ford BOV build. It’s an ’86 F-150. Wish it was 4×4, but at least it has a 300 inline and C6. Only paying $800 for the truck. The drivetrain has less than 120K miles on it. Watch for more pictures and updates coming soon.

Got some articles in the works. Couple reviews and such. You folks will enjoy them I think. Who else want to go shooting this weekend?


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