Thoughts for Thursday

Here in SC we have a pretty big storm system about to hit. Hoping everyone stays safe. The folks in the Midwest have had a time with their flooding Missouri and the areas around St Louis are pretty messed up.

Thinking about selling my Taurus G2 9mm in favor of a S&W Shield. Thinner and easier to conceal. I’ll be reposting a review I wrote of the G2 this weekend from another site I worked on.

North Korea cant get a missile off the ground these days. Iran tried from a submarine and failed. Russia decided to send bombers and fighter jets and we intercepted them again. Everyone is gearing up it seems.

BOV parts list to repair the ’86 F-150 after its paid for…
Exhaust system
Voltage regulator
Inner and outer beaings with seals for front hubs
Tail gate or net

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